We met Ahlee & Chas in our gallery in Port Douglas. They’d been looking high and low for a videographer to capture their wedding and couldn’t find the right fit. Steph got home and the first thing she said was “I met a lovely couple today, if you’re free and if they reach out, you’ll love working with them”. Ahlee reached out, we had a chat, and the rest is history!

These guys were a dream come true. An absolute pleasure to work with & an attitude to envy and emulate in my own life. I also got to work with Katie Purling and Anna Soltwedel & the only guests were their mums and bub. My kind of wedding!

Now, Daintree Secrets is a very pretty place to stay. You’ve got greenery as far as the eye can see. A stunning clearing at the entrance to the venue (which we took advantage of) and your very own private creek. All of this, makes for a picturesque setting, but throw Ahlee & Chas into the equation and wow! Did this place pop!

Thank again for allowing me to capture your wedding. The trip up north from Port Douglas, over into the Daintree was well worth it! I had a blast and would happily shoot your wedding all over again!

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