Gabby & Chris were simply the cutest couple ever! It was obvious to the Steph’s and me that they were head over heels for one another. Yes, we had Steph squared along for the right. With my Steph capturing film, me on stills and Stephanie Milne on celebranting (yes, it’s now a word, I swear) we were in for a great ceremony. A bit of rain brought the greenery to life and the greens in the rainforest were popping! Not to mention, a couple of nice white umbrellas to add to the beautifully diffused light we already had on our hands. Christoper & Gabrielle’s vows had all of us in tears and wow, did they look stunning with the rain falling around them!

We took a short stroll over to the weir with the newly weds after the ceremony and had ourselves a cheeky photoshoot before heading down the range to Rex lookout. Here was had a little wind, just enough to great a little drama, but not enough to cause a fuss. We were however racing against the clouds we could see approaching Palm Cove and we almost beat them! We hid inside for a little while and when we saw a break in the rain we ducked outside to enjoy the final light for the day. Gabby & Chris were even lucky enough to have a rainbow form behind them before their families turned up for their reception. A quick family portrait session and we left the lovely couple to enjoy their evening with their family.

Wedding Suppliers:

Celebrant + Planner: Stephanie Milne

Florist: Floral Edge

Hair & Makeup: Tropic Beauty

Transportation: Port Douglas Transfers

Reception Venue: Nu Nu

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Romantic Palm Cove Beach Wedding with a rainbow
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